How To Clean Genesis II Burners Tubes

Weber BBQ's are a staple for any outdoor grilling and keeping your Weber Genesis II BBQ in top condition can be simple and rewarding keeping your BBQ going for years to come. The burner tubes are the powerhouse of the BBQ and the most vital component to your grill. Weber liken these to the engine in your car and taking care of them is just as important.

The new burner tubes have moved away from the tubular, flush porthole design to a rectangular shape with raised portholes. These design update both promotes an even flame distribution and reduces the chances of them getting clogged up with gunk.

While everything is done to keep these gunk free and burning to your heart's content – over time you might find some maintenance is needed.

There are two main areas you will want to focus your cleaning efforts on.

  1. The portholes
  2. The spider/insect screens (also known as air shutters)

The Portholes

Make sure you are using a clean (You don't want to be pushing any extra bits of grease/residue into these holes) Stainless Steel Bristle Brush. You will want to brush the burner tubes across the portholes as per the first picture below. Be careful around the Ignition Electrode near the base of the burner tubes to avoid damaging these (Seen in the second image below) You can use a Weber T-Brush to clean these.

The spider/insect screens

You'll find these on the end of each burner, underneath the control panel (see image below). A soft brush is all that is needed to clean these, an old toothbrush can work well.

Top tips for cleaning your burner tubes!

  • Make sure your grill is completely cool before cleaning it.
  • We can't stress using a clean brush enough. You will end up pushing so much more residue into your burners and doing more damage than good. Try not to use the same brush you clean you cooking grates with but if you do, make sure it is entirely free of any old grease.
  • There is no need to use a pin or nail on the portholes, brushing should sufficiently free any residue.
  • Wearing gloves will keep your hands clean ready to start cooking.
  • Give is a call if you have any questions or want to chat about maintaining your BBQ.