Weber BBQs do most of the cleaning for you so that cleaning your Weber could not be easier.  The best thing is, you do not have to worry about doing it straight after cooking. Did you know that fats from your previous BBQ actually act as a lubricant and keep your grates and other parts protected against rust? Well, it can, so avoid cleaning your BBQ straight after use.

All you need to do to clean your BBQ is to give your BBQ an injection of heat - whether this be a charcoal, gas or electric BBQ. Ramp up the heat and close the lid for 10 minutes and then gently brush away carbonized matter using a T Brush. The grates are now clean from any previous cook's mucks and even more importantly, they are sterilized and ready to cook on.

It is really important not to clean parts of your Weber BBQ using a dishwasher as their detergents can cause irreversible damage.  If you are struggling to get rid of any dirt or grime then Weber have a range of cleaning products which are a great way to bring your Weber Grill back to life!

Top Tips:

  • Change your grease drip pans on your electric and gas BBQs regularly, thus preventing the risk of fire from any grease build up
  • Clean your Flavorizer Bars only if a burn off is not cleaning - don't forget these create smoke so a bit of old BBQ residue is not going to do any harm - if anything, it'll create more flavour!
  • Use your Cleaning Systems or Ash Pans on your Charcoal BBQ to sift ash through the BBQs bowl - this helps with BBQ airflow. Empty them only when the ashes are not hot.

Watch our playlist below to show you how to clean your Weber Charcoal or Weber Gas BBQ: