Follow our recipe for delicious pulled pork using the Weber Smokey Mountain and the Minion Method.

Watch our video which gives you a blow by blow account of all the steps you need to take for pulled pork perfection.

Waiting 10 hours is a small price to pay for this sandwich...



You can smoke using a Weber Kettle such as the Master-Touch.

However, for best results use a Weber Smokey Mountain.

We've used the following:



  • Using a sharp knife remove the fat cap and trim the pork shoulder of (some but not all) excess fat
  • Pat the pork shoulder dry using a kitchen towel
  • Coat liberally with your chosen BBQ rub and pat all over to help the rub stick


  • Leave to absorb for at least 1hr (we left our shoulder overnight)


  • Set up your smoker using the minion method:
    • At the bottom of the smoker create a ring of unlit charcoal briquettes
    • Add wood chunks atop the ring
    • Pour a third of a chimney starter of lit charcoal into the centre to commence cooking
    • Assemble the WSM using the water bowl (filled with water - two thirds)
    • The heat will spread out and catch the unlit briquettes during the cooking process
    • Leave the vents open but adjust if the smoker gets too hot/cool

  • Place your pork shoulder on the top grill
  • Enter your igrill probe - it will really help you to understand when the pork shoulder is ready.
  • Leave to cook at 110-120 degrees Celsius for roughly 8-10 hours
    (cooking times will vary dependent on various factors such as size of pork shoulder, temperature on day of cooking, how much fuel you used, etc.)
  • The pork is ready when it reaches a core temperature of 88 degrees

  • Remove from the grill when cooked and wrap in foil - allow to rest for an hour


  • Shred the succulent pork using forks or claws

  • Coat liberally in BBQ sauce


Serve in a soft white bap with plenty of coleslaw