Sometimes one hears of different techniques to BBQ and sometimes you think, "are they really worth it?" One such technique is the Reverse Sear. For those of you that enjoy a good cooking show, like BBC's Masterchef, you may well have seen various contestants putting an expensive piece of steak in a vacuum packed bag and boiling it up in something that looks like a hot bath - this is a Sous Vide. The sous vide is a precise way of achieving the perfect desired internal temperature of a piece of meat by taking the internal temperature up at a slow and controlled speed. We don't like it, it's too easy and lacks BBQ flavour, so instead of sous vide, we prefer Reverse Searing!

For those of you that haven't seen our multiple posts, WoW BBQ are huge advocates of the Reverse Sear and we like to think that we have perfected it. In the same way as sous vide, the Reverse Sear raises the internal temperature of your meat to your desired temperature. We used a Weber iGrill to help with the process. Just before it hits your internal temperature target (see our internal temperature meat guide), take the meat off and let it rest in foil. While your meat is resting, ramp up your BBQ or do as we do sometimes and heat up a chimney starter with a grate insert on top of it and sear off your meat. This searing process will add a crisp, caramelized coating to your perfectly cooked piece of meat. The results are fantastic and as long as you have a bit of extra time to commit, you will never BBQ your steak any other way. Delicious.