Here in the UK the majority of people only use their BBQs during the warmer months and WoWBBQ believe you are missing out! Being outside, no matter what the weather and cooking over hot flames is a great feeling. Your neighbours might think you are a bit cuckoo, but offer them a little bit of what you are BBQ'ing and they might soon follow your madness.

Many of our WoWBBQ followers already BBQ in all weather, but let's try and get more of the UK grilling all year round! If you don't fancy standing by your Weber BBQ for too long, how about adjusting your menu? Rather than being outside turning sausages, why not BBQ a roast joint? Set your BBQ for indirect cooking, close the lid and go back inside until your joint is done. Weber are making this even easier by their brilliant Weber iGrill technology - sync this up to your mobile device and know exactly when your food is ready - simple!

Between now and Christmas, challenge yourself to do one Roast Dinner on your BBQ. Roast chicken would be a great place to start and this might stimulate confidence for you to do the most incredible roast turkey off your BBQ this Christmas - once you do it once, there will be no turning back! Here is some really useful information released by Weber this week on how big a turkey you can fit into your Weber BBQ.

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