Our Around the World In 80 BBQs see us take on a BBQ classic with Japanese influence. This is about as easy as it comes and is a real crowd pleaser! Your friends and families will really think you are a BBQ god if you cook this one up!

Get a piece of pork tenderloin and marinade in Teriyaki sauce overnight - sear each side on your BBQ for one minute and then baste with Sweet Chilli Sauce. Cook indirectly for ten minutes and then turn and baste again - give it another 10 minutes, take it off the BBQ and let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes. We've used the Weber Sprit Gas Grill here, but could have just as easily cooked this of charcoal on the Weber Master Touch. Paired with the Weber GBS Sear Grate, you can get an amazing char on the outside - this comes as standard with the Master Touch Premium E-5775 -  Check out our Master Touch here!

The result, delicious, juicy and tender pork tenderloin. A great little starter for people to share!


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