For years Weber have had an electric BBQ as part of their Q range, but not until 2018 has there been an innovation quite like the Weber Pulse BBQ. This is the latest Weber BBQ that will ruffle feathers among the BBQ purists and raise the performance of electric BBQ'ing to another level.

There are few things better than lighting up a Weber Chimney Starter and cooking great food over fire - staring into flames, feeling raw heat and smelling smoke from the fats of your meat combusting as it hits hot charcoal. This is what BBQ'ing is all about. It's not just the food, it's being outside, rain or shine, standing around a hot BBQ enjoying some "me time" or being with friends and relatives - glorious!

Life in 2018 is busy and everyone seems to be in a rush. Drawing a parallel to sports, everyone wants things quicker and some sports notorious for taking all day have seen revamps to try and attract new audiences. Gas BBQs and now The Weber Pulse BBQ is to BBQ'ing what Premier League nights at Alexandra Palace are for darts and what T20 is for cricket - quick, easy and with very satisfactory results!

Back in March we received our first stock of the Weber Pulse and within 24 hours we had our first sale. It was a poignant sale as it felt like the start of a new dawn - this was not going to spell the end of gas or charcoal BBQ'ing but this would offer a genuine alternative, offering authentic BBQ flavours. More apt was that our very first sale was exactly the demographic that Weber was targeting. A professional person that had just moved into a very cool apartment in South East London, looking towards Canary Wharf and over the O2 Millennium Dome. We thought this was too good an opportunity to miss so we decided to send a team of two to give the proud new owner of the Weber Pulse 2000 a demo fit for royalty!

Prior to the day, we had seen the Pulse in action, but we had never used one. After the day, we were fans and this made selling this amazing product very easy. We could get behind it as genuine users of the BBQ and could say with conviction that this new Electric BBQ innovation by Weber is a perfect alternative for gas and charcoal.

The Weber Pulse 1000 and Weber Pulse 2000 Benefits?


The first concern going into this would have been, "would it produce a BBQ flavour"? The science behind it is pretty simple and it works very similar to the flavour achieved from fats vaporizing and smoking when fat drippings hit charcoal or Flavorizer Bars in Charcoal or Gas BBQs.  This BBQ is compact and areas such as the grease tray get very hot, hot enough to vaporize dripping fats, creating smoke and thus the BBQ flavour!


The Weber Pulse 1000 BBQ is a pocket rocket and can produce temperatures similar to its brother of up to 300°C. It is perfect for grilling sausages, steaks, burgers or chicken legs and its versatile too! If you want to Roast then with the aid of a Weber Pulse Rotisserie which is compatible on both the 1000 and 2000, you can also cook whole joints of meat, or even a whole chicken!

The Weber Pulse 2000 BBQ has two control knobs which means dual cooking areas. This allows to cook directly or indirectly on this BBQ, perfect for roasting or grilling.


Turn the BBQ on and be able to set precisely (within increments of 5°C) what temperature you want the BBQ to be at. With the aid of built in Weber iGrill technology, you can sync the BBQ up to your smart phone and make sure your meat is cooked perfectly!

Safety and Regulations

This BBQ can be used safely using mains electricity, perfect when there are restrictions with using charcoal or gas BBQs.

The Weber Pulse 1000 and Weber Pulse 2000 BBQ Conclusion

You will never be able to get me to trade in my Weber Charcoal BBQ, but you might be able to get me to trade in my Weber Gas BBQ. The Weber Pulse is a genuinely great alternative and we are excited to see if Weber will bring out any bigger options within the Weber Pulse family to offer a genuine alternative to the larger gas grills.

This BBQ is perfect for those looking for an easy to use and stylish BBQ able to produce authentic BBQ flavours and even more perfect for those who were not allowed to host BBQs on their apartment balconies due to building restrictions.  This BBQ is made for urban living!

For more information, to watch our Weber Pulse video or to buy a Weber Pulse BBQ of your own,  follow this link!