Dan Cooper from Weber UK has been working on this recipe for several years and we think he may have just perfected it!

This isn't something that can be done overnight; planning is key.
Prep Time - 7 days
BBQ - 13 hours
Serves - 10

- 1 whole brisket, approx. 5-7kg, trimmed but with some fat still on the meat.

Wet brine
- 200g Golden Barrel Blackstrap Molasses
- 180g sea salt
- 2 tbsp ground coriander
- 2 tbsp dried dill

Pastrami Rub
- 3 tbsp mixed peppercorns (green, black, pink)
- 2 tbsp coriander seed
- 2 tsp garlic granules
- 2 tsp dried dill- 2 tsp salt
- 3 tsp brown sugar

Bring around 1000ml of water to the boil adding all the brine ingredients. Simmer the liquid until all the salt is
dissolved. Add this liquid to a large container then add 1.5 litres or enough to ensure the brisket is fully submerged.

Ask your butcher for a nice fatty brisket. Trim the tallow (the harder yellow fat) andany sinew. Do not strip the brisket
of all its fat. Fat is flavour and will he keep thebrisket juicy. Add the Brisket to the brine and refrigerate for a minimum

After about 5 days you will need to desalinate the brisket. Remove the brisket from its container and rinse thoroughly
under cold water. Clean out your container and fillwith clean cold water and leave the brisket submerged for an hour.
After an hour, remove it from the water and place on a rack to let it dry naturally.

Use a pestle and mortar and start by grinding the peppercorns and coriander seeds, add in the remaining dried herbs
and spices and mix thoroughly. Coat the brisket allover making sure to coat the sides and ends. Return the brisket to
the refrigerate to dry cure overnight.


Set your alarm early, you've a party to host tomorrow night!
Set you BBQ up for a temp of around 110C. Add the brisket and smoke for 4-5 hours.If your brisket is very fat go for 5;
if its thinner I would go for 4. Use a probe and controller, like the Weber Connect or Weber iGrill then probe each end
of the Brisket.

This is a BBQ term for wrapping your smoked brisket tightly in butcher paper. Wrapit up and put it back in the BBQ for
a further 6-7 hours keeping the temperature at 110C.

Once you probe is showing an internal temperature of 90C, you can take the brisket off the BBQ.
It's important to let the brisket rest. Ideally in an insulated container for around an hour.