What a job getting to test out all there is to test when it comes to Weber BBQs!

2019 saw the Weber MasterTouch BBQ get a face-lift, meaning the Ultimate 3-in-1 Grill was born, The Weber Master-Touch Premium.  This BBQ can do everything the standard MasterTouch could do but now, with a hinged lid, iGrill holder, diffuser plate, charcoal chamber ring and P shaped vents, it now has the easy capability of smoking too.  Yes it was possible to smoke on a standard Weber Kettle, but not as easy as it is with Weber's latest charcoal BBQ.

For this cook, we decided to get into the Springtime spirit and BBQ a lamb joint.  Shoulder seemed like a good place to start, mainly because it was the cheapest joint we could get our hands on.  The shoulder can be quite fatty, however, if you cook it for long enough then the fats render down and create wonderful flavours.  To do this, we set the BBQ up with one full charcoal fuel holder and put this to one side of the BBQ.  The other side was our cold zone and had a large drip pan full of water underneath where the meat would go.  This is also known as the 50/50 method.  

We set the BBQ to around 120C and cooked the lamb indirectly, setting the Weber iGrill up so it warned us once the meat hit the temperature of medium rare.  It's worth noting that, we were actually looking to achieve a medium cook, but taking it off early then meant we were able to sear the meat over direct heat at the end, thus taking the internal temp up to a medium cooked joint. 

The results of this cook were brilliant and the meat was delicious with a nice flavour of smoke.   The only downfall was, not knowing how to carve it properly, so we recommend YouTubing, how to carve a lamb shoulder before you bodge it like we did!