Sunday, the day of rest - if only! Still completely confused as to what time of the day it was, we embarked on a Chicago boat tour - an absolute perfect remedy for blowing away the cobwebs! Chicago, The Windy City - not named that because of the freezing cold gusts sweeping from Lake Michigan, but according to legend, it is because of the hot air bellowing from the city's many politicians. A beautiful city, stunning architecture and a lake larger than Wales!

A 90 minute tour was just about right before we headed for lunch at the infamous, Dick's Last Resort Grill. 4 stars on Google with one of the latest reviews stating, "an alternative type of prepared!" Prepared we weren't, surprised we were - a truly unique experience and one that I will probably not forget, ever! Some advice, if you are looking to impress a loved one, perhaps steer clear - good fun nonetheless!

3pm came and Weber organised a trip to the Hancock Tower - a complimentary cocktail ensured we were well quenched and prepared for a truly horrendous experience - a glass wall where you leant against it and it tilted downwards - not for the faint hearted!

Not long after lunch, we were due to go to Morton's Steakhouse - one of the top Chicago Steak restaurants. A beautiful restaurant, superb service but sadly the chef was having a bad day. If at first you don't succeed, try and try and this instance, try again - if he were a bit more local we would have offered him a free ticket to one of our Certified by Weber Events and taught him how to cook the perfect steak - never mind!

Francois rounded off a great day with a few words and the following day's plan of action. The sensible ones amongst us retired back to the hotel for bed, regrettably most of us didn't. The following day would be a visit to Weber's Chicago factory - excited!