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Weber Accessories help you light your BBQ and help you create culinary masterpieces.  


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The UK’s Best Independent Weber Retailer

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Over the last 5 years the UK market has seen a big change in peoples' perception of barbecuing. In 2023, barbecuing is more than just grilling sausages and burgers - it's about showing off to your friends and family that you can cook the most succulent Roast Chicken, or Michelin Star level steaks that are perfectly cooked all the way through using the reverse sear technique or smoking the most delicious pulled pork. Dishes that you might not have thought were possible to create at home are being driven by the likes of WOW BBQ, Weber and social media - see something you like online, play around with the recipe and create your own culinary masterpiece on your Weber BBQ.

With the right Weber accessories, you can cook almost anything on your BBQ! Whether you cook with charcoal, gas or even electric we have the tools you need to create a fantastic meal on your Weber grill. We've divided the many accessories into categories to help you make your decision, please be aware not all Weber accessories will fit all Weber BBQs, so check on the more "information page" to make sure the accessory you are looking at fits your barbecue. Choose from charcoal, gas, Q series, Portable, Smoker, GBS and the new iGrill thermometer range.

We have all the essentials you need including the famous Weber Chimney Starter that allows you to safely light your Weber Charcoal quickly and hassle free, as well as grill brushes and cleaning sprays to help maintain your Weber Barbecue, as well as tool sets and more.

Many of the latest Weber BBQs feature the Gourmet BBQ system, the innovative GBS cooking grates have a removal central section which can be removed and replaced with a variety of accessories. There's the Pizza stone for delicious Neapolitan style pizzas and the Cast Iron griddle for the crispy onions with your hot dogs or better yet the perfect sunny side up fried egg for a leisurely weekend BBQ fry-up breakfast

Our favourite toy has got to be the Weber Rotisserie which is available for charcoal and gas barbecues, it transforms your grill into an incredible spit. The meat will baste itself as it turns for super succulent results, great for the Sunday roast.